The Alienware 17in laptop intended to replace a windows Machine, is only significantly shorter than just the Alienware 18, but it’s a very completely different animal. Although the 18-inch framework felt like a tank when it started to roll onto my workstation, the 17-inch framework is more like a conventionally large notebook. Not accurately transportable, but familiar in terms of dimensions as well as muscle mass.

Alienware 17in laptop

Alienware 17in laptop Features

The Alienware 17-inch laptop isn’t the only thing we like about it; its gamers performance, graphics, Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, as well as styling are all top-notch, too. It’s a monster to carry approximately, and yet professionals will value the larger display.

The Alienware 17’s architecture is an improvement over the previous model. Its anodized body and LEDS computer give it a high-end appearance and feel you can trust. The alien neck logo as well as the LED cuts here on laptop’s flanks pop against the black background as well as the soft rubber complete here on cover.

The Klipsch presenters built into the Alienware 17 are both high-quality and powerful. The lows are full and resonant, while the peaks seem to be distinct and clear. The front-mounted presenter louvers try giving the subnotebook a playing games look, as well as the red illuminance gives it a dash of aesthetic.

The Alienware 17’s 17.3-inch screen is a major selling point. It can display images at a rate of 60 hertz and at a settlement of 1920 by 1080. The IPS display allows for a wide range of high contrast as well as true to life colors. As a result of the matte coating, hand prints as well as reflections are less noticeable.

The Alienware 17 has an abundance of port facilities, permitting you to connect any and all of the peripherals. The notebook left side really does have the two USB 3.0 port numbers, a protection clamp, connectors for headsets as well as a recording device, a Mini DisplayPort, as well as a naval base for a power cord. The Blu-ray player node, a 9-in-1 credit card, two USB ports, as well as Gigabit Gigabit switch are all located on the right.

The 2.0-megapixel video camera on the Alienware 17 bucks the trend of low-resolution cameras on pc gaming. All of your footage can be recorded as well as edited with ease using the Imaginative Live! Central 3 app, as well as the camera captures crystal-clear 1080p stills.

Alienware 17in laptop reviews

The Alienware 17’s trade-offs provide a bigger display which has the same 1,920 x 1,080 settlement as the Alienware 18, one video card rather than the authority SLI configuration inside the Alienware 18, as well as as there are less hard disks options—you’ll need to swap out the photonic drive harbor if you prefer to match the Alienware 18’s 512 GB SSD but also 750 GB HDD.

There are more options for laptop computers inside the 17-inch size that there are in the 18-inch magnitude. Several other manufacturers other than Alienware produce 15.6-inch laptop computers with identical configurations with around $2,000, including Origin PC, Maingear, Fujitsu, Asus, as well as others.

Our Alienware 17 costs $2,699 and includes a Core i7 processor, an Nvidia GeForce 780M graphics card, a Blu-ray player, as well as a 256GB solid-state drive-in addition to a 750GB hard drive. Definitely a hefty outlay of cash, but it pales in comparison to the Alienware 18’s asking price of $4,000. If you’re looking for a powerful gaming laptop but can’t quite afford our Alienware 18, the 17-inch model is a great compromise between portability and price.

Only a non-portable casino personal computer, such as one you construct yourself, or a 17-inch framework from a custom PC manufacturer should be considered as viable options. In the latter case, you’ll have to decide among Alienware’s top-notch architecture as well as undercarriage building works as well as the personalized attention as well as factory overclock capabilities of a relatively small Console gaming flagship store.

Important facts to know

Battery Performance

The Alienware 17’s battery life isn’t the best because of all its amazing features. Expect no supernatural events, because it’s a great machine. Once trying to play a local database video indefinitely, the Alienware lasts for around 3 hours and 36 minutes on a single charge.

When compared to the typical mobile workstation, that isn’t bad but nonetheless falls concise. In comparison to the MSI GT70, which only lasts for five hours as well as lasted approximately, the Asus G750JX can last for around 4 hours as well as 57 minutes.

Size and Weight

Let’s start with the elephant in the room its lack of adaptability as well as low weight. The Alienware 17 is a monster of a laptop, measuring in at 9.15 pounds and 17.9 by 12.9 by 2.26-2.23 inches. Not unwieldy, but not something you want to lug around on your shoulder on the way to work. To its credit, the computer appears to be well-built and the load appears to be distributed uniformly.


When playing games, the Alienware 17 gets warmer to the touch, but not hot enough to be unhappy. When playing certain games, such as “Battlefield 4,” the touchscreen may become slightly hotter than usual (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit), but this is easily remedied by taking a break to let the device cool down. Additionally, the underside of your laptop may warm up.

Anticipate the Alienware 17 to generate some vibrations because it’s a great machine. While looping video content, you won’t even hear the sound of the enthusiasts. However, fan sounds could become distractedly loud while playing online.

General Performance and Graphics

The Alienware 17 features an AMD Radeon HD M290X graphics, regardless of the ongoing AMD vs. NVIDIA start debating. Although it isn’t the strongest thing available, it’s more than capable of running most tournaments at moderate to high environments. With a 3DMark Fire Strike rating of 4,727, it outperformed the Asus G750JX by around 1,000 points.

The high-definition 1080p display is also noteworthy. The 17.3-inch screen size provides ample room to view the crisp and detailed images. The 16GB of RAM as well as hexacore Intel i7-4700MQ CPU provide excellent overall effectiveness. Run multiple buttons, a YouTube clip flow, as well as a play all run smoothly at the same time. The 500-gigabyte hard desire is indeed a nice touch as well, providing a lot of room for all of the media files. If you find you need even more storage space in the future, you could always switch to a 1TB drive.


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