As that of the heir apparent towards the GL703 series, Asus announced the Asus rog strix scar ii gl704gm sequence at Gamescom 2018. To make it one of the most portable 17-inch windows laptops just on market, the latest model underwent a radical re-branding to combine narrow black bars on any and all right side.

Like the more affordable TUF FX705 story arc, this is among the 1st ultra books inside its school to feature slim black bars. The GeForce GTX 1060 graphics processing unit, Core i7-8750H central processing unit, and 144 Hz 1080p display of the GL704 sequence are aimed squarely at upper mid-range as well as conventional video game players as contrasted to enthusiasts or newcomers, respectively, such as the ROG G as well as TUF FX sequence (up from 120 Hz on the GL703).

At the moment, these are the only available SKUs, though we anticipate adding more in the first few months of 2019 as demand increases.

Asus rog strix scar ii gl704gm

Amazing facts to know about the Asus rog strix scar ii gl704gm


The Strix Scar II’s rubbed accessory contrasts beautifully with the rest of the chassis, and it’s so appealing that I had to go hide in a closet with it and contact it “my adorable.” The lid features a glossy ROG logo that, when activated, emits RGB lighting, as well as a stylish silhouette just next to the pivot point which exposes LED markers. Sharp metals is also used for the rear vent stoves.

When I first started opening my computer, a kaleidoscope of color emanated from the luminous cafe as well as the keypad. I was just as smitten with both the laptop’s interior as its exterior, thanks towards the captivating carbon-fiber seam and also the badass brown fatigues. Despite the ultrathin display, the web camera is located here on bottom casing. The Strix Scar II weighs in at 6.3 gbp as well as measures 15.7 by 10.7 by 1 inches, making it about the normal number for a 17-inch computer while still being fairly narrow.

The Dell G7 15 is the lightest as well as slimmest of the four models at 6.3 pounds as well as 0.9 feet wide, whereas the heaviest as well as fattest are the Chromebook Helios 300 Special Edition at 5.5 lbs as well as 1.1 feet wide as well as the Acer Predator Hades 300 at 6.6 lbs as well as 1.1 inches, both of which are 15 in thickness.

SD Card Reader

No significant improvement in functionality has been made to the season SD viewer since its inception. When compared towards the MSI GS73, which is twice as fast, the UHS-II test pattern nevertheless appears to take about 13 secs to transfer 1 GB of photos to a windows pc. When an SD card is completely placed, it fits snugly against by the side.


The new model may well be smaller than the GL703, but Asus nevertheless handled to include all of the features first from previous year’s framework. Now that the vast bulk of harbors are situated on the left side, they are all conveniently located. Only equipment up to generation 2 (10 Gbps) tempo can be connected to the single Cable Type-C port, as such Thunderbolt 3 gadgets will not work.


2 different compartments, two SODIMM slot games, the refrigerating remedy, the rechargeable batteries, as well as the WLAN module are all easily accessible once the bottom board is eliminated using a sharp blade as well as a Philips Stanley knife. The individual components of the GL703GM have undergone major revisions since the previous generation. With its more conventional layout, this laptop is easier to repair than models from the Zephyrus GX line.


The GL704 is distinguished by its ultra-narrow bezel display. But, as was speculated, the very same AU Optronics B173HAN04.0 IPS panel could be found on the more budget-friendly TUF FX705 models. The rapid 5 ms processing times, high contrast ratios, and extensive color gamut are all characteristics shared by the two processes. The GL704 is still superior to its cheaper alternative because of illumination is livelier. In my opinion, this premium display is well worth the expense.

Notwithstanding the sleek stack, subject matter looks sharp and grain-free, as well as hues pop just like they do on the 15-inch Zephyrus GX sequence. The ultra-smooth 144 Hz response time is a major contributor to the “wow” criterion of the framework, and also is especially appreciated by game players as well as content providers. When playing games or watching movies, the unequal illumination blood loss along the bottom periphery is pretty negligible.


I was able to fill my space to “Hello, World!” by Bump of Chicken despite the lack of violins in the Strix Scar II’s voices. While the having opened vocalists were strong, I could hardly hear the rattle once the rhythms began. When it came time for the song, I can only make out the singers as well as the spur mandolin as separate elements.

I was beginning to worry that I was losing my hearing when I tried the same melody on my home speaker and could clearly hear the individual drum hits as well as bass notes. Tossing a flask at a guard’s noggin as well as hearing him scream in agony was ridiculously funny throughout Darkness of the Tomb Raider, but his cries were somewhat hard to make out because of my height difference with him.

When compared to the bass-heavy noises, like rotor blades, I found that Lara as well as the foes heard a rather subdued. Although, the sound of the assault weapon shotgun pellets was so loud that it hurt my eardrums because once I fired them at an approaching opponent. The Scar II’s noise problems can’t be fixed with a compensator app, regrettably.

Keyboard and Touch pad

The island-style Strix Scar II keystroke conceals roughly three Dynamic lighting zones beneath its fashionable, technological font and see-through WASD keys. As my hands tap-danced throughout the codes, I got the impression that they were lively but also powerful. In contrast to my usual 66-wpm speed, I scored 76 phrases per minute here on test based.

With a decent 1.4 mm of journeys as well as 71 g of power transfer coercion, the keys are well within our acceptable ranges (1.5 to 2.0 mm of travel and a minimum of 60 g of force). The 4.1 x 2.2-inch touchscreen has two enjoyable icons and provides precise cursor oversight. But the left as well as right button are too low, as well as my thumb often hits the airframe when I use them.

Windows 10 expressions such as multiple attempts to trying to scroll as well as three-finger button trying to switch work as expected.


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