In 2020, Colmi released their most advanced smartwatch yet, the COLMI smartwatch. It’s a wearable device for keeping tabs on your personal exercise as well as athletic performance in instantaneously. The smartwatch, that has a rectangle bezel and also is designed for both men as well as women, includes a number of useful functions, including a heart rate sensor, a hypertension as well as o2 oversee, a dairy mode, and more.

In that case, let’s skip right to the meat of the matter! After the great reception they received for the COLMI P15, the makers of the COLMI, one of the most recognized as well as finest innovative smartwatches, have released a new model, the COLMI P28. The new smartwatch was sleeker and featured upgraded software and hardware components.

It includes a 1.69-inch comprehensive touchscreen display, a cardiovascular sensor, a number of different sports mechanisms, as well as, the more pertinently, IP67 Water resistance for only $25. Please bear with me as I elaborate.

Colmi Smartwatches

Facts about Colmi Smartwatches you should know

Design and Build Quality:

In some ways reminiscent of the Apple Watch, the COLMI P15 wearable device differs slightly first from COLMI P8 Plus in design. It’s a square-ish watch with a curved display as well as a touch pad. Additionally, the small metal structure as well as high-quality construction make this watch both stylish but also comfortable to wear. It’s elastomer, has able to charge connectors, as well as a photo transistor if you turn it over.

It may be cheap, but the quality of construction as well as the Apple-inspired styling are impressive. The P15 smartwatch has a polyurethane clasp, making it both durable and easy on the upper arm. The belt is detachable, enabling you to just use 20 mm band you like, and it comes in black, pink, green, as well as Gray; additional grips in a variety of designs and colours are also available to buy.

Display Screen:

Because of its large 1.69-inch IPS screen and 2.5D curved design, which together improve visibility of both text and images, the screen on my COLMI P15 is one of my favorite features. On the other hand, the resolution is only 240 by 280. Although it is not particularly remarkable, it is superior to other modeling techniques selling for the exact price and has a higher degree of crispness.

The hues are made so well that you won’t also be scared off from them when you dress them outside in the bright sun. This really is my preferred screen format because it’s unique to high-end wearable technology, boasts a large central display, and has thin bezels all around. The COLMI P12, for example, had a bigger display and it was situated inside the middle of the watch’s body, making it stand out from other low-priced smartwatches with a touch panel because of its central placement and relatively narrow sides.

Watch faces:

There are a few distinct watch expressions already fitted here on COLMI P15, allowing you to immediately change between them simply by pressing the home page or by downloading the Da Fit software, that also contains more than fifty supplemental timepiece continues to face to hue, antique, arcs, as well as digital face customisation. Your own personal photos even can be used as a wallpaper for the clock face.


Water resistant to IP67 standards, the COLMI P15 can be worn even when disinfecting or during the downpours; however, it has not been certified for snorkeling and shouldn’t be exposed to heated water as well as seawater. In the short- or long-term. If you want your timepiece to last as longest as possible, it is best to dry it thoroughly after submerging it all in water and even before you start using it again.

Under the hood:

The 64MB ROM inside the COLMI P15 allows for even more watch features as well as dialect pack contains to be installed on the timepiece, as well as the built-in DA14683 chip improves response time and information processing. This wearable technology monitors the heartbeat as well as G-forces to ensure the safety and comfort at all times.


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