The contoured arc monitor of the Q18 Smartwatch Phone to SIM Slot is just a stunning design element. Stop stressing about missing out on attempts to call, emails, messages, as well as Facebook posts. Most of the moment, our mobiles are tucked away in our pants or leather pouches, where we can’t hear the vibration as well as band. This Smartwatch features a webcam, a microphone, and a speaker, allowing you to record multimedia content, as well as make and receive a call.

Listen to music or play movies in MP3 or MP4 format wirelessly. Reading the rest of this article will help you to understand some of the most important facts that you should know if you considering to buy a Q18 Smartwatch 

What is a Q18 Smartwatch

The Q18 Smartwatch accepts a SIM card, which allows it to make calls, send texts, and perform other tasks without the need for a phone. Concurrently, it can link up with just about any cell device for making calls, receiving texts, and more.

By scanning the QR code upon that wearable device, you can gain access to its many features, including contact syncing, a tracker, a webcam, a sleep oversees, a physically inactive clear indication, and sometimes even notices from a number of the most popular social media networks. The Q18 Smartwatch is an excellent replacement because it can be used either separately from or in conjunction with a mobile phone. 


The iQi Q18 smartwatch seems to be another Apple Watch knockoff from the Chinese tech company. It features a zinc high strength torso and also an nanosheets styling, so it comes in four different colours: China red, awesome Gray, grass green, as well as yellow. The watch also has a quick-release sling and just a polysilicon ring, as well as its overall aesthetic manages to be both fun to drive and fashionable. The cell, like the ubiquitous Apple accessory, has turned angles as well as flanks. Because of its IP68 rank, the smartwatch can be worn in the shower or while rinsing one’s hands without fear of damage. 

Q18 SmartWatch

Important facts you need to know 

  • This wearable device will keep tabs on your every move and record vital statistics like the daily stage process count and energy expenditure. Moreover, our smart necklace can monitor your vitals in instantaneously, including the vital signs, hypertension, oxygen supply, and also more. 
  • Intellectual Alerts Vibration Quick note: Your mobile might very well oscillate whenever you receive a call, text message, or social network notification (Facebook, Twitter, Messaging apps, Snapchat). You don’t even have to pull the handset out of the pouch to do anything about the open line; your wearable device could indeed handle that. Because of this, the living will be easier. 
  • In addition to its primary purpose of serving as a timepiece, this smartwatch would be equipped with a plethora of additional features that can come in handy in a variety of situations. Explore something new with the cutting-edge Q18 wearable device. 
  • It’s safe to go swimming with both the Q18 smartwatch on your wrist because it has did pass a livelihood water repellent exam and therefore can withstand being submerged in water, being washed inside the sink, or even having your hands washed. However, prolonged submersion throughout liquid is not recommended for such timepiece. 
  • A thoughtful present, this smart watch will give us insight into our wellbeing as well as encourage us to adopt healthier eating habits. I have no doubt that this thoughtful present will be appreciated by the lucky recipients on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Morning, a commemoration, or perhaps an anniversary. 

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